Kiara Collection

Kiara Collection

Online store development for the manufacturer of fashion clothes


Organization and automatization of sales both for wholesalers and retailers through the website, as well as forming Kiara’s image as a manufacturer of fashion high-quality clothes.


To achive the goals we chose the popular technology Laravel (PHP), which allows us to create a custom management system, the functionality of which corresponds to the business processes of Kiara Collection. Also, this technology will allow the project to be scaled in future, avoiding many obstacles that we may encounter when choosing a ready-made solution.



To publish a new collection on the main page of the website, we have developed a set of pre-installed design templates with a consistent style that can be traced in all visual marketing materials of the brand. The company manager may «collect» the presentation of a new collection with the help of templates on the main page, choose a color, style, manage content and banners. We tried to make the management of this function as simple as possible to simplify the work of managers.



To display Kiara’s points of sale, we developed an interactive map (based on Google Maps) with filters by countries and cities. The product catalog has unlimited value filtering. The catalog has the functions of exporting/importing goods and their attributes from spreadsheets. The management system has functions of customer management and sales.

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  • Цена
  • Запасы
  • Доступность
  • В корзину
  • Описание
  • Содержимое
  • Вес
  • Размеры
  • Дополнительная информация
  • Атрибуты
  • Custom attributes
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