Automated web service for buying photographic equipment online

About the project

Request for the development of this web application came to us from a client from Germany. When the owner turned to us, he already had a functioning business in selling photographic equipment The task was to automate the process of buying photographic equipment for subsequent resale. Quote from the client project manager «fewer words, more business» the team quickly set the direction of work and defined it final results.


Fewer words, more business

We created an interface that helps the user to sell his goods as quickly as possible. The main user tool is the search line. In case of spelling mistake of the product or «approximate» (close version to the name) name, the system will search for the most similar options. At the next stage, the user assesses the state of the product sale and receives a price calculation. Example

This decision allowed us save customer and manager time spent on execution of transaction. We automated parcel delivery from the seller to the company office, using the API of DHL. Fotocash24 generates an address label placed on the parcel.

As a registration optimization solution and evaluation of the received goods in stock we implemented automatic generation of documents on the goods that the seller sends out together with equipment.

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